Funded at January PTA Meeting

The following teacher funding requests were approved at the January PTA meeting: 

Total Cost: $300: Mr. Harcol (Film)
     – USB drives and headphones
Total Cost: $500: Newscast launch parties
     – pizza for rest of the year
Total Cost: $600: Mr. Muazeb (Earth Science)
     – science books
Total Cost: $600: Ms. Edelman (Graphic Design/Computer Tech)
     – stylus pens
Total Cost: $600: Mr. Landegger (Internships)
     – pizza for agency each week
Total Cost: $700: Mr. Kavountziz (Fencing):
     – foils, gloves, swords, fencing bags  

Thank you for your generous donations to the PTA which made this possible. 


Thank you to Principal Max Re-Sugiura for the presentation at the January PTA meeting about the school’s draft plan for integrating college credit courses and earning an Associate’s degree at The High School of Art and Design without having to pay for college classes. 

Click here to view the presentation on YouTube