Past Events

The PTA hosts many fundraising and community building events throughout the year for students and families.  We also support the school with parent volunteers for school initiatives and events. 

Here are some photos and information from past events.

PTA Meetings

The PTA hosts general PTA meetings once per month. All parents and guardians are welcome and encouraged to attend. Meetings include guest speakers on informative topics that are important to our families such as college, financial aid, student summer internships, mental health, LGBTQ+ students and allies, anti-bullying, choosing an art major, and more…. Parents have the opportunity to hear from our principal, Max Re-Sugiura and ask questions, as well as vote on important funding requests. Meeting minutes from recent PTA meetings can be found here PTA Meetings 2019-2020

This past April our PTA meetings moved online and will continue online through this fall until further notice…..

Bake Sales

The PTA organizes five or more bake sales throughout the school year to raise additional funds for the school. The bake sales are held during the student lunch periods and parent volunteers send in home made or store bought baked goods for the students to purchase for $1 or $2 each. Bake sales usually coincide with holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, December holidays, Valentines Day, St. Patty’s.Day. 

This year bake sales are temporarily suspended due to the pandemic. We hope to resume them when it’s safe again.

High School Borough Fairs

Art & Design High School has a booth at the High School fairs held in each of the 5 boroughs in the fall. We ask parent volunteers to help faculty and students at our booth answer prospective parents questions and let middle school parents and students get to know what a great school and community we have. 

This year’s high school fairs may be virtual. We are waiting to hear more information from the DOE about the format.

Art & Design High School Info Sessions

Art & Design High School hosts several information sessions with tours of our school for prospective middle school students and their parents and guardians. They ask for parent volunteers to help answer questions and give the parents perspective and to let everyone know what a great and welcoming community we are.

These sessions will most likely be virtual this fall.


Fanfaire NYC is an annual two-day festival held at the school, and Art & Design High School’s largest fundraising event of the year, featuring over 125 artists and vendors selling comics, prints and swag. 

Visit our Fanfaire page for more information and photos of past events.

Online Auction

The PTA holds an online auction every spring to raise additional funds for the school. Parent volunteers donate items and solicit donations from neighborhood businesses to be sold during the online auction. All funds directly support student programs and extra curricular activities to enrich our students’ education. The 2020 online auction had been postponed due to the challenges that many families and businesses faced during the pandemic. 

Visit our Online Auction page for more information. We will update the page when we have more information about dates that we will be able to resume the auction.