Updates from the School

In-Person Learning Calendar

In person learning begins this Thursday, October 1 with the A cohort. The cohort schedule can be found on the school calendar.

Click Here for the video update from Principal Max Re-Sugiura sent Thursday, September 24.

All Families Should Complete this Application

Please complete this application at www.myschoolapps.com/Home ; Zip Code: 10022; School District:  NYC Schools. In order for the school to qualify for “Title I Funding”  which adds additional funding for our school, we must prove that we’ve received a completed application from EVERY family for EVERY student, EVERY year regardless of income status. Please forward your confirmation of the form submission to Ms. Johnson at jjohnson32@schools.nyc.gov. 

Complete the Census to Obtain Federal Funding for our School

Please fill out the Census if you haven’t already done so at https://my2020census.gov/. New York City’s current response rate is only 60.4% which is far lower than the 2010 national average of 76%. Without an accurate population count, our City will lose out on billions of dollars in federal funding for our schools, health care, roads, public transportation, and more. New York could even lose two seats in Congress.